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Not just another company review…part trois

March 30, 2009

So once again, I would like to review a few more companies that Katie Chatfield posted about in her blog. As my two previous posts go, I have reviewed a few tools that are used to measure social media. 

I would like to start off this post by looking at Technorati. This site is the leading blog search engine and a comprehensive source of information on blogs. They claim to have indexed more then 1.5 million new blog posts. Their main function is as a search tool for blogs. You can type in the topic or brand that you are researching for and, just like Google, they provide a list of the postings that are relevant to you search. They also index blogs of all types from sports to politics to social media. I believe that Technorati would be useful to any company that is looking to measure what is being said about them in the blogosphere, especially since they have such a large base of blogs to search from. 

Next, I would like to look at Twitt(url)y, which is a site that tracks URLs that people “tweet” to their followers on Twitter. The site ranks all the URLs by the number of votes they receive, basically the more people who tweet the same URL the more votes it receives. Then that URL is ranked on Twitt(url)y’s top 100. I happen to find this source not particularly useful to anyone who is seriously trying to measure corporate buzz in social media because it only indexes the top 100 URLs so there is no guarantee that your company would even been on the site.

So what do you think of these two social media measurement tools? Is Technorati or Twitt(url)y something that you would useful?

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  1. Jessica Goodman permalink
    April 5, 2009 10:04 pm

    In terms of Technorati, I think that it is a very useful tool for both companies and individuals to take advantage of. From a company’s perspective, if a corporation has a blog, Technorati is a great site for them to find out where they rank, or even if they rank, on the Technorati “Top 100 Blogs” list, which can also be useful in finding out what they may need to be doing better with their blog in order to gain a spot on the list and gain more Web visibility. From an individual’s perspective, Technorati is a great place to find information on any blog topic that you may be interested in. In terms of Twitt(url)y, I had not yet heard of that site, but it seems like a very useful social media measurement tool.

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