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March 11, 2009

Quite simply probably one of the most effective social media measurement tools out there is Radian6. Their goal is to take all the information out there that is being said about a company’s brand puts all this information on a platform that let’s you “listen, share, learn, and engage”.  Their company provides a lot of features for a company using social media to be able to measure what is being said about them.

Not only does Radian6 have daily searches on hundreds of blogs, podcasts, etc for mentions of your company but they have recently implemented  real time notifications. Radian6 will now send an email alert or an im notification every time something very relevant about your company is posted.

Radian6 not only picks up what is being said about your company but also who is saying what and by weighing the influence that that person has on the online community they can give your company the right type of information on whether to engage that user or not. This gives your company a leg up on determining what conversations to respond to, like which ones are having more if an impact on your brand online. Not only do they help in this way but they also provide an internal dialogue box to allow for people in your company to discuss these notifications immediately online and work through the online program. 

Finally, one other major tool that Radian6 uses is that is allows blog comments to be indexed. As Dave Fleet discusses in his blog, it would be very useful to know what people are saying online about your brand in conjunction with another competitor’s brand. Radian6 now allows for this to happen because it allows for Radian6 users to have the option to index blog comments from blogs that do not necessarily mention them. So as a tool of measurement Radian6 is one of the best out there.


Time for Measurement

March 2, 2009


The effectiveness of social media is somewhat of an elusive idea. Not just because it is new to being used in big business but the technologies that are used for measurement are just establishing themselves. Jeremiah Owyang, a senior analyzer at Forrester regularly updates a blog on how web tools, like social media, can be used by companies to reach its stakeholders. He stresses the importance of measurement now because of the change in the economy and how it is important to understand what is working and is not working in order to cut back costs. It is also important to understand what is being said by people using the social mediums in real-time so that companies can jump in and fix things. He goes on to separate to the measurement of social media into two different categories, server side and “community analytics”. Both are equally important for a company to understand the use of their social media online. Server side is more focused on the actual numbers where as “community analytics” is about the feelings and attitudes of the community online.

His post focuses on the “community analytics” of the measurement functions by examining a company Lithium, which recently launched its “insight reports” which report on a brand’s community sentiments and provides automated feedback. Owyang stress how this tool is only important if the feedback reflects the business objectives surround the use of that social medium rather then the uniqueness of it. He stresses how also theses categories of measurement have to be working fluidly with other forms of measurement to provided complete useful feedback to the corporation using the social media.

To see the full article, please click here.

Nielsen Buzzmetrics

February 26, 2009

Known for their audience analysis services, Nielsen Buzzmetrics, has been providing top fortune 1000 companies with analyzing what is being said about their company.  They research consumer-generated media, which is essentially comments by individuals that are either published in blogs, comments, or forums online. Nielsen Buzzmetrics searches archived blogs and discussion forums for both good and bad information about the company and translate it into specific information to help executives understand the hype surrounding their company or product online.

This service measures the effectiveness of the use of social media technologies as word of mouth sources. Meaning that they look at what people are saying on the Internet about the company and using the information they gather to inform what the “buzz” surrounding the company is. Nielsen Buzzmetric’s goals are to help companies with information that they can use for media planning, crisis communication, product launches, etc. The use of this technology has grown in the PR field to help practitioners maintain an idea of what is being said and the tone of the conversations so that they can stay ahead of any possible crisis situations.

Overall, Nielsen Buzzmetrics is a very useful measurement tool because it allows for companies to utilize information being spread about them in hopefully a more positive manner. They can use Nielsen’s research to monitor the buzz surrounding their online identity. It essentially measures for a company how social media is allowing a company’s publics to discuss and debate.

Social Media Measurement for Beginners

February 25, 2009

For the most part, we all know what social media technologies, like blogs, podcasts, etc., are. But did you know that they could do many new tasks for corporations like reaching new customers or engaging them in dialogues with their stakeholders. They also can provide many new sources of information regarding a company’s image online. But how is this done? How can information from so many sources be channeled into one coherent message?

Well, there are several companies out there devoted to determining what the effect some of these social media technologies are and work to collect and analyze data on behalf of companies. I will use this blog to discuss not only who some of these companies are and how they work to measure social media effectiveness but also what is social media effectiveness and how it can be measured.